Our Journey to Silicon Valley

Our Journey to Silicon Valley

I am a Latin American frontend developer with a clear goal in mind: to become an expert in early startup development.

But, how?...

Well, I need a plan. The first step to achieving it is to assess what I lacking. That's why I did this list of my growing up needed skills:

  • English: I really need to improve my English proficiency. At the moment I would say I am around a B1-B2 level, but I must reach a solid B2 first and then aim for a C1 proficiency.

  • Hard skills: I haven't attended University; I am a self-learner. That's ok, but sometimes I feel that certain solutions to deep problems are beyond my reach. I need to go back to the basis.

  • Networking: I'm like a hermit living far from the community, my entire career has been remote, which makes it difficult to connect with other programmers.

Great, now I need to take actionable steps to make it possible:


  1. I'm currently writing a technical blog (this blog!!!) in English. To achieve this, I read numerous articles in English and then write a summarized post like this one. With this, I aim to accomplish two goals. Firstly, I am looking to improve my English. Secondly, I intend to enhance my hard skills.

  2. I will share all that new knowledge with you throw social media. Similar to the blog, this sharing should help me to remember the data shared and also allow me to practice my English.

  3. I will collaborate with the open-source ecosystem, to improve my three goals.

  4. I will apply to Toptal, Turing, Lemon, you know... I hope that can speed up the process.

  5. Before a startup, I will look for a job in a bigger company. Imagine I quit my current job to work for a company that dies a few months later.


I believe can get it done early next year (2024), but I'll see. Meanwhile, I will share each step and a lot of content about programming with you. You are invited to the journey!